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$115 | This 8-hour online short course introduces the property valuation practice with special focus on the valuation of residential property, mainly determining market value. This short course also touches on special topics such as mass valuation and residual land value.

This short course features three multi-part lectures starting with an overview of valuation fundamentals: residential and income-producing property. The short coruse then proceeds with its main focus of the determination of residential property market value. The short course concludes with a four-part lecture on valuation special topics including mass valuation for ratings purposes   WHO CAN BENEFIT? Anyone who deals with property and would appreciate and benefit from an understand of what contributes to the valuation of real property, particularly dwellings. This might include property developers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, housing policymakers, community service providers, real estate agents, facilities and property managers, commercial leasing agents and sales brokers, tradespeople, homebuyers and legal professionals advising clients on property issues.   CONTENT FOCUS This short course is derived from a university course taught in New Zealand. Please refer to the below chart to appreciate how applicable the content is to different property markets.  

Course Currilcum

  • Residential Valuation COURSE NOTES Unlimited
  • L7.1 Valuation Fundamentals FREE 00:25:00
  • L7.2 Valuation Fundamentals 00:45:00
  • L7.3 Valuation Fundamentals 00:35:00
  • L7.4A Valuation Fundamentals 00:35:00
  • L7.4B Valuation Fundamentals 00:35:00
  • L8.1 Determining Market Value 00:50:00
  • L8.2 Determining Market Value 00:35:00
  • L8.3 Determining Market Value 00:40:00
  • L9.1A Valuation Special Topics 00:30:00
  • L9.1B Valuation Special Topics 00:30:00
  • L9.2A Valuation Special Topics 00:35:00
  • L9.2B Valuation Special Topics 00:20:00
  • Residential Valuation TEST 00:45:00
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