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$170 | This 12-hour short course covers fundamental property finance topics including time value of money, borrowing cost, residential financial analysis and homeownership (buy vs rent) decision-making.

This short course is organised around several multi-part lectures on financiing residential property and serves as a prerequisite for our Commercial Property Investment online short course.   WHO CAN BENEFIT? Anyone who deals with residential property. In particular homebuyers, property investors, financiers, lending managers, loan analysts and underwriters, land developers, home builders, property managers. In addition this course would assist commercial property managers, commercial leasing agents, real estate agents and other property professionals who wish to improve their understanding of financial feasiblity.   CONTENT FOCUS This short course is derived from a university course taught in New Zealand. Please refer to the below chart to appreciate how applicable the content is to different property markets.  

Course Currilcum

  • Residential Finance COURSE NOTES Unlimited
  • L1.1 Time value of money 00:40:00
  • L1.2 Time value of money 00:35:00
  • L1.3 Time value of money 00:30:00
  • L1.4 Time value of money 00:45:00
  • L1.5 Time value of money 00:30:00
  • L1.6 Time value of money 00:25:00
  • L1 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L2.1 Application of mortgage loans 00:25:00
  • L2.2 Application of mortgage loans 00:35:00
  • L2.3 Application of mortgage loans 00:45:00
  • L2.4 Application of mortgage loans 00:30:00
  • L2.5 Application of mortgage loans FREE 00:15:00
  • L2 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L3.1 Borrowing cost of fixed rate loans 00:30:00
  • L3.2 Borrowing cost of fixed rate loans 00:25:00
  • L3.3 Borrowing cost of fixed rate loans 00:25:00
  • L3 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L4.1 Residential Financial Analysis 00:30:00
  • L4.2 Residential Financial Analysis 00:45:00
  • L4.3 Residential Financial Analysis 00:30:00
  • L4 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • L5.1 Homeownership decisions 00:30:00
  • L5.2 Homeownership decisions 00:25:00
  • L5.3 Homeownership decisions 00:25:00
  • L5.4 Homeownership decisions 00:30:00
  • L5.5 Homeownership decisions 00:25:00
  • L5 Computational QUIZ Unlimited
  • Residential Finance TEST 01:00:00
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