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$20 | This 1-hour online short course outlines several key residential architectural styles in early New Zealand houses, namely Victorian Villas, Californian Bungalows, English Cottages, Art Deco/Modern and the classic NZ State House.

Although the architectural styles featured in this short course are fairly common in Commonwealth countries, the focus of this course is on early New Zealand character homes. This short course centres on a two-part lecture that presents architectural styles in rough chronologic order from Colonial Cottages through to NZ State Houses.   WHO CAN BENEFIT? Anyone who deals with construction and buildings but does not have a formal education in architecture. This could include property developers, building controls officers, real estate agents, facilities and property managers, commercial leasing agents and sales brokers, tradespeople, homeowners wanting to renovate or build, and legal professionals advising clients on property issues.   CONTENT FOCUS This short course is derived from a university course taught in New Zealand. Please refer to the below chart to appreciate how applicable the content is to different property markets.  

Course Currilcum

  • History of NZ Residential Architecture COURSE NOTES Unlimited
  • L6.1 History of NZ Residential Architecture 00:30:00
  • L6.2 History of NZ Residential Architecture 00:25:00
  • History of NZ Residential Architecture TEST 00:15:00
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